Exford Primary School has had great success through the Fundraising Group:

(1) Fundraising events throughout the year - Special Lunches (including BBQs and Subway), Cookie Dough orders, our Easter and the big Christmas Raffles, Bunnings BBQs, Bakers Delight and Tony's Pies

(2) Organises services for our familiies, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Stalls. 


Meetings are advertised through our newsletter and noticeboards and all parents, guardians and grandparents are welcome to attend and assist. 

If you are unable to attend a meeting, please contact the office and the Fundraising Committee can contact you as to what transpired and perhaps where they need additional assistance.

Thank you.


When families go to see a movie at Reading Cinema in Melton, if you present one of these tokens stamped with our school logo, we get a free movie ticket for every 10 tokens.  (We use the free tickets as prizes.) Reading Cinema - Exford PS families