Junior School Council (J.S.C.)

The Junior School Council is a group of students elected by their peers on an annual basis, usually two students from each class (Prep to Year 6 students).  The purpose of the Junior School Council is to provide the students of the school with a forum in which they can express their opinions and suggestions on the day to day running of the school.  After discussion at a Junior School Council level, recommendations are passed on to the staff and the School Council for further action.

Our J.S.C. decide on and organise the fundraising for charities each year, as part of their leadership training and community responsibility.  One of our teachers works closely with this group throughout the year.   Meetings are facilitated by the staff member and run by our School Captains.

The Junior School Council has initiated several enterprise projects, such as the daily icy pole (99% fruit juice) canteen during the warmer months and various other activities.

The composition of the J.S.C. varies from year to year, as a result of changing class configurations, with a balanced representation of all areas of the school. 


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