Newsletter No 14 - 14 September 2017

Dear Families,

Here is our Newsletter for this fortnight, with lots of pages from our students.

A reminder our Year 4 students attending Camp next week need to have their bus places cancelled before Monday, pleae.

Our new website is now underway - our old one has more than passed its use-by date - and we will be launching it mid next term.

Next Friday is Footy COlours Day, where the kids can come in their footy gear and we do  a human graph of the teams at a Friday morning Assembly.

At the afternoon Assembly, we will present the Knitting Club blankets to a local organisation, the kids are very proud of their shared accomplishment.

Next Friday marks the end of Term 3, with Assembly at 2:10 pm and dismissal at 2:30 pm - the Eynesbury bus runs will begin at 2:30 pm.  Term 4 starts on Monday 9 October


Ms Campo

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