Newsletter No 6 - 27 April 2017

Dear Parents,

Here is the first newsletter for Term 2 and we hope you enjoy the read!

There are two parent surveys which we'd love you to respond to - 1) Seesaw and 2) a new Parent Rep initiative.  You will find the links on the front page of the newsletter.

There are photos from Camp Cooriemungle, our Year 5-6 kids thoroughly enjoyed their time away. Thank you so much to Ms Pengelly, Ms Ciantar, Ms Graham, Mr Gundry, Mr King, Mrs MacLeod, Mrs Ward and Mrs Van Gemert for giving up their own family time to take the kids away.

I attach the teaching teams' newsletter for you, which outlines the planned learning and activities for each team.

Please note, from Monday 1 May 2017, we will not be accepting late payments for student activities.  We need a few days between the final payment day and the activity, to ensure all payments are processed (our system processes each child individually) and the lists of participating students passed on to the teachers.  

We had some mix-ups with the Life Ed notes, which is why we were still accepting payments after the due date of Thursday 20 April - we hate the thought of children missing out on anything.   We will continue to save permission notes to the website and will also begin routinely sending permission notes out through Tiq Biz and Ms Bennett will also add them to QKR for parents - so you are less dependent on the notes making it home.

I hope you have spotted the line markings on our oval, showing the dimensions of our oval.  We have our next progress meeting on Thursday 4 May.  The temporary path has been added, needed in this damp weather, of course.  (You know why it's raining so heavily, don't you?!)

Photo Day is on Monday 1 May - all children need to be in full uniform and hair needs to be neat and tidy so we are all looking our best.  The Office will be temporarily closed between 8:20 - 8:45 am for the staff photo to take place.  The class, individual, family, School Captains, Year 6 and Junior School Council photos will all take place on Monday. 

Ms Campo  smiley

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