Student Reports

At Exford, we have a formal reporting to parents process, including written reports and formal interviews, however, we are more than happy to chat with parents informally or by arrangement throughout the year.  We work closely in partnership with our families to provide a strong and supportive network for each child, and open and two-way communication between parents and staff is a critical element of this. 

HAPPY NOTES / SUNSHINE CALLS:  During the year, your child may receive a Happy Note which is a little certificate saying that today has been a great day for your child.  Sunshine calls are where we will give you a phone call, often with your child present, to share some great news / achievement.

INTERVIEWS:      We hold two formal reporting to parent interviews per year. The first PST is held early in Term 1, and the second is at the end of Term 3.

REPORTS:       We prepare two formal written reports for parents: the first is presented to parents at the end of Term 2, and the second at the end of Term 4.